Our Clients

In this era of continuous business transformation, KeySource recruiters and human capital consultants are relied upon for developing and implementing effective human capital strategies which are critical to our clients' success.

The KeySource Family of Companies measures success by our clients' feedback and the fact that 73% of our projects represent returning clients.

KeySource is honored to have provided support to the following:

Markets Served

Covering the full spectrum of these markets, KeySource Thomas Thor has become recognized leaders specializing in search and recruiting for high-hazard, high-consequence projects and programs in the United States, United Kingdom and other international markets.

Nuclear Energy

  • Power Generation

  • Utilities

  • New Build

  • Reactor Outage

  • Fuel and SNM Down-blending

  • Technology Development/Delivery

  • Non-proliferation

  • National Laboratories

  • Legacy Site Cleanup/Closure

  • Reactor Decontamination/Decommissioning

  • Emergency Response

  • Waste Management


Renewable Energy

  • Wind

  • Solar

  • Biomass

  • Geothermal

  • Hydro

  • Emerging Technologies

Misc. Energy

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Infrastructure/Transmission & Distribution

  • National Laboratories


  • Legacy Site Cleanup – RCRA/CERCLA

  • Waste Management – Treatment, Storage and Disposal

  • Miscellaneous High Hazard Projects


  • National Security

  • Weapons De-militarization

  • Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

  • Base Operations

  • DOD, NNSA, DOHS Projects

Engineering & Construction

  • Major EPC Capital Projects & Infrastructure