Our Company

KeySource, Inc. (KeySource) is a solutions-oriented company providing strategic business consulting, human capital development, executive recruiting and contract professional services for clients in the U.S. defense, energy, environmental and engineering/construction markets.

KeySource offers a unique set of catalytic capabilities to companies who are looking to grow, acquire, merge, divest, consolidate or re-locate. Over the past four years, KeySource has provided services to clients ranging from Fortune 50 industry leaders to smaller start-up firms, all of whom are engaged in the pursuit of business growth and transformation. KeySource brings innovative ideas and talented people—the essential fuels to drive successful growth and transition for any enterprise.

KeySource has developed a broad network of consulting associates, most of whom have been senior executives in these industries. With extensive business relationships in the U.S. and the U.K., KeySource also serves as a catalyst to bring companies together in joint business endeavors aimed at strategic market development and business growth.

The nature of the KeySource business is typically company confidential and directed by the highest levels within the client organizations. In the span of their combined seventy-five years of commercial and government market experience, the KeySource principals have been the architects of over 120 formal business-to-business relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission at KeySource is to help growth-minded companies realize their maximum market potential. We do this by stimulating critical thinking and enabling human capital development for clients in the defense, energy and environmental markets in both the government and commercial sectors. By developing long-term, trust-based relationships, we work closely with our clients to create and implement success-driven strategies through the infusion of new ideas and new people.