Talent & Leadership

KeySource provides retained executive search and talent acquisition services for growing companies in positions ranging from board level positions to executive leadership (C-level) and mid-management. KeySource has an experienced team of professionals to deliver top talent to fuel business growth and transformation. Our recruiting process was first proven in the nuclear industry, and has now been deployed in the broader defense and energy market segments. Because we are coupled with experts in business growth and transformation, we have in-depth knowledge of the competitive markets and the war for talent.

Finding Experts

KeySource provides services to support identification, screening, and selection of subject matter experts for specialized business initiatives. We can rapidly seek and find proven and flexible providers of specialized experience for knowledge transfer for short-term or long-term assignments as may be required.

Performance-Based Search

Many companies face growth and transformation demands for which they do not have the leadership to meet or carry out. KeySource has developed a performance-based search approach that accelerates the talent acquisition process, shares the risk for successful outcomes, and lowers the cost of executive-level recruiting. For more information, please go to:


Retained executive recruiting services for strategic leadership search supporting business growth and transformation.


Strategies for retention of top talent and leaders lowering business risk and creating sustainable growth initiatives.


Tools and techniques for evaluation of leadership skills and performance profiles with recommendations for action.


Plans and processes for leadership and talent development aligning with strategic business growth initiatives and talent retention.