Kate Jackson

Office Phone: 330-342-5433
Cell Phone: 412-596-6451
Email: kathryn.j.jackson@gmail.com

 Dr. Kathryn J. Jackson serves as the Director of Energy & Technology Consulting at KeySource, Inc. Kate is an accomplished executive leader with a highly successful career in electricity generation, energy system operations, and technology management in both the private and public sectors. As CTO for three major corporations, she has commercialized technologies, led R&D platforms for business growth and industrial manufacturing system productivity and sustainability, developed intellectual property protocols, and negotiated lucrative technology investment partnerships. Her experience includes White House, congressional and international regulatory agency negotiations, advising publicly traded companies in financial and operations planning, international business development, and corporate technology investment strategy. As a scientist and engineer, she is a popular conference speaker noted for her authority and influence in domestic electricity system operations, global energy strategy and natural resource policy.

 KeySource is a strategic business management consultancy headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, providing growth-oriented services to clients that serve the energy, defense, environmental and engineering and construction markets.  Kate also serves as management advisor to sister company KeySource HCI, a KeySource subsidiary focused on human capital investments: identifying, attracting and retaining executive leadership talent for growing and learning companies.


In addition to her role at KeySource, Kate serves on the board of directors of Portland General Electric a vertically integrated utility in Portland, Oregon, and of Hydro One in Ontario, Canada, responsible for transmission and distribution in the province. Until recently, she was the Chief Technology Officer at RTI Metals, Intl, responsible to transform the research investments to align with corporate strategy, develop technology platforms to drive growth and integrate business units, and to leverage internal capabilities by collaborating with key customers, consortia, academia and government partners.  She also served as chair of the board of directors of ISO New England, responsible for the energy markets and reliability in the six New England states.


Previously Kate was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at Westinghouse Electric Company, responsible for leading the company’s research strategy and technology development activities. She also led the company’s environmental sustainability initiatives aimed at minimizing the impact of global business activities on the environment..


Kate joined Westinghouse from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), where she was the Executive Vice President of River System Operations and Environment and the corporate environmental officer. In her 17 years with TVA, she was responsible for the management of the 6,000 megawatt hydropower system, flood control, navigation, dam safety, public lands management, environmental services, and research and development activities across seven states..


Kate started her career with Alcoa Corporation after being a post-doctoral fellow at the National Academy of Engineering focused on policies to facilitate investment in technology and commercialization of research results.


Kate is an advisor to Carnegie Mellon University’s Engineering School and the Complex Engineered Systems program. She is on the advisory board of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center and the Board of Visitors for the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Previously she served on the board of directors of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), as well as its Governance & Nominating and Executive committees. She was appointed by President Clinton to serve on the National Recreation Lakes Study Commission to make recommendations on the management of natural resources, public lakes, and public lands for multi-purposes.


Kate earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Grove City College. She has a master’s degree in industrial engineering management from the University of Pittsburgh, and master and doctorate degrees in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University.