Business Transformation

KeySource serves client firms in the defense and energy market segments with tools, processes, talent, and leadership for initiatives in business improvement and transformation. Modern business transformation requires both discipline and innovation as they are not mutually exclusive. Where complex, multi-entity ventures are involved, KeySource is particularly skilled in integration and alignment strategies and the illustration of overarching business plans and objectives. KeySource provides tailored diagnostics, planning, integration, and implementation planning tools to establish a business-improvement course and plot the components of change that will produce desired results.

Culture & Change

KeySource conducts culture assessments and surveys and applies quantitative analysis to discern the critical components of company or project culture. Working with client leadership and our subject matter experts, we develop actionable implementation plans designed to produce growth-enabling change and business transformation.

Performance Measurement

Successful business change is produced in learning companies by informed diagnostics and effective plans resulting in measurable improvements. KeySource assists in the design of performance metrics that track and confirm desired outcomes in transformation initiatives.

Sextant Astrolabe

Analysis of business & market conditions, leadership & strategic directions with recommendations for action.

Processes and tools for performance metrics and business wellness with analysis of vital business health improvement options.

Tools & techniques for business and workplace culture assessment with culture change planning and implementation support.

Continuous improvement initiatives for sustainable business optimization, advancement & growth.