Facilitated Planning

KeySource consultants provide disciplined facilitation services for business planning, joint ventures, multi-party integration, as well as other complex business initiatives aimed at growth and transformation. Facilitation requires a balance of disciplined problem analysis, solution development, and a critical assessment of pathways to achieve definitive objectives. Whether facilitating complex, multi-company ventures or in-house, integrated work teams, KeySource facilitators guide the planning initiatives to fruitful outcomes.

Strategic Planning

Strategic business planning is essential to business success. However, strategic plans, once developed, must be dynamic and adaptable to emerging business realities. Therefore, the process of facilitated strategic planning requires a living plan design and a continuous improvement perspective to keep pace with market realities and changing business circumstances. KeySource facilitates the up-front planning process as well as the ongoing assessment and adaptation of strategic plan goals, tactics, and outcomes.

Plan & Proposal Reviews

KeySource has the full suite of tools and personnel to conduct color reviews of proposals and plans for business growth. Teams can be organized and tailored for Blue, Pink, Red, Green and Gold reviews, are customized to each individual project, and are overseen by experienced team facilitators who ensure disciplined review structures are followed. Whether leading color reviews or providing subject matter expertise, we can innovate, illustrate, and integrate effective business growth strategies for successful business capture.
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Tools and techniques for evaluation of leadership skills and performance profiles with recommendations for action.
Strategies for targeted executive recruiting services for leadership search supporting business growth and transformation initiatives.

Independent review and evaluation of business proposals for critical business targets with color reviews and recovery teams.

Objective and independent peer review & evaluation of plans, processes, proposals and other business-critical infrastructure.